The Story of Flatboy

The Great Physician

In the exam room, the Great Doctor looked at Flatboy carefully. He watched Flatboy running around in his own little world. He heard Flatboy whine for a checker to kick. He noticed that Flatboy didn’t listen to his parents or look at them. He saw how Flatboy ignored everyone in the room.

Finally, the Great Doctor bent low, with his mouth inches from the boy’s ear.

“Young man!” the Great Doctor said. His voice was firm and strong, but kind. “If you want me to help you, you must listen, really listen! Do you want my help?”

Flatboy stopped his running. He stopped whining. After a moment, he nodded his little head.

“Good!” said the Great Doctor. “Then you must look at me. I know it’s hard. I know your little eyes are naturally focused on your own flat, little world. But you must try. Look to me!”

Slowly, with much concentration and some pain, Flatboy turned his eye towards the Great Doctor as far as it would go. For the first time in his short life, Flatboy looked up. He looked up into the wise, gentle face of the doctor.

“Wonderful!” said the Great Doctor. “Now, will you let me fill you, so you will stop being flat and start living a real life? Think before you answer! You’ll have to change. You’ll have to stop caring about just yourself. You’ll have to learn to love others, learn to share. You’ll have to listen to and look at people, not just your own little world. Shall I fill you?”

A tear filled the little boy’s eye, and he nodded.

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