The Story of Flatboy

Flat, No More!

The Great Doctor bent even lower, and breathed into the boy’s mouth and nose. Slowly, the boy began to inflate like a balloon. Once he was just the right size—a Flatboy no more!—the Great Doctor stopped.

The first thing the boy did was hug and thank the Great Doctor. The second thing was to hug and thank his parents.

“Get this boy some clothes and food!” the Great Doctor ordered with a smile. “Take him home and start a new life together!”

That’s exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Jones did. They gave him a new name—lots of them. Sometimes they called him Willie, other times Son. Sometimes they called him Champion, and sometimes they called him Winner. But no one ever called him Flatboy again!

Because the boy ate real food now, he grew stronger and stronger. He could play with other real children, and he learned to love them deeply. He could tell other flat children how the Great Doctor had helped Him.

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