by Andrew Murray


"Just as Jesus found His glory in taking the form of a servant, He also told us, “The greatest among you must be a servant” (Matt. 23:11). He simply was teaching us the truth. Nothing is so wonderful and godly as being the servant and helper of all! The faithful servant who recognizes his or her position finds a real pleasure in meeting the needs and desires of the Master or His guests. When we see that humility is something far deeper than just feeling sorry for sin and accept it as taking part in the life and heart of Jesus, we will begin to see it as our true nobility. We will begin to see that being servants of all is the highest fulfillment of our destiny, as human beings created in the image of God."
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Humility by Andrew Murray

Preface: Why Focus on Humility? Chapter 01. Humility: The Glory of God's Creation Chapter 02. Humility: The Secret of Redemption Chapter 03. Humility in the Life of Jesus Chapter 04. Humility in the Teaching of Jesus Chapter 05. Humility in the Disciples of Jesus Chapter 06. Humility in Daily Life Chapter 07. Humility and Holiness Chapter 08. Humility and Sin Chapter 09. Humility and Faith Chapter 10. Humility and Death to Self Chapter 11. Humility and Happiness Chapter 12. Humility and Exaltation Chapter 13. Copyright Information