The Blood of the Lamb the Conquering Weapon
by Charles Spurgeon

“They Did Not Love Their Lives”

But I must close with this. It is not merely by our testimony that we use this potent truth. We must support that testimony by our zeal and energy. We need concentrated, consecrated energy. For the passage also says, “They did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” We will not overcome satan if we are “nice” people who have to have an easy life and a good reputation. As long as a so-called Christian feels he must enjoy the world, the devil will have nothing to fear. Those who overcame the world in the old days were humble men and women, often poor and always despised, who were never ashamed of Christ, who only lived to tell of His love, and who died by tens of thousands rather than cease to bear testimony to the blood of the Lamb. They overcame by their heroism; their intense devotion to the cause secured the victory. Their lives to them meant nothing compared to the honor of their Lord.

If we are to win great victories we must have greater courage. Some of you hardly dare to speak about the blood of Christ anywhere but in religious company—and hardly even there. You blend right in. You love yourselves too much to get into trouble through your religion. Surely you cannot belong to that noble band that did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death! Many dare not proclaim the truth of God these days because they would be thought narrow and bigoted, and this would be too upsetting. They call us fools. It is very likely we are. But we are not ashamed to be fools for Christ and His truth. We believe in the blood of the Lamb, despite any so-called “discovery of science.” We will never give up the truth of Christ’s atoning sacrifice to please modern culture. What little reputation we have is as dear to us as another man’s character is to him; but we will cheerfully let it go in this struggle for the central truth of revelation. It will be sweet to be forgotten and lost sight of, or to be vilified and abused, if the faith in Christ and Him crucified can not only survive but thrive. This much we are resolved on, we will be true to our convictions about the sacrifice of Jesus. If we give this up, what is left?

God will not do anything by us if we are false to the cross. He uses people who do not spare their reputations when they are called for in defense of truth. Oh, to be at a white heat! Oh, to flame with zeal for Jesus! Brothers and sisters, hold to the true faith, and say, “As for the respect of men, I can readily forfeit it; but as for the truth of God, that I can never give up.” This is the day for men to be men, because sadly, most are soft, mollusk-like creatures. Now we need backbones as well as heads. To believe the truth concerning the Lamb of God, and truly to believe it, is essential to an overcoming life. Oh, for courage, faithfulness, determination, self-denial, willingness to be made nothing for Christ! May God give us the grace to be faithful witnesses to the blood of the Lamb in the midst of this ungodly world!

As for those of you who are not saved, your hope lies in the blood of the Lamb.

“Come, guilty souls, and flee away,
Like doves, to Jesus’ wounds.”
The atoning sacrifice, which is our glory, is your salvation. Trust in him whom God has set forth to be the sacrifice for sin. Begin with this, and you are saved. Every good and holy thing which goes with salvation will follow after; but now, this day, I pray you receive a current salvation through the blood of the Lamb. “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life.”

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