Healthy, Devoted Relationships

A Prayer

Father, even now I ask that you'd give increase to Your Word. Allow Your seeds to bear fruit in our lives. Give us wisdom, not paranoia, in being involved in each other's lives—a great, great, great wisdom of seeing You through the person that we are speaking to, lifting our hands to You, and calling them to do the same. Lord Jesus, You are our Teacher. You've shown us how to live that way. Maybe we've not always watched You very carefully in the past, but we want to. We know there has to be a People who are prepared. Someplace, sometime, somehow, there has to be somebody who's prepared for the full cup of wrath to be poured out on those on whom the enemy seeks to devour. We don't want to avoid that cup. We want to be overcomers in the midst of that wrath. That's what brings You the greatest honor. Our desire is not to escape by the skin of our teeth through the flames, but to meet You having built a Holy House for you. We don't want to build our own paneled homes, but a home for You, a habitation for You by the Spirit. We long to be that kind of people. Zeal for Your House, not for our own survival, consumes us. Father, please help us, encourage us, and empower us for the time ahead. Build us in wisdom. We need that, because Your House is built with wisdom. Amen.

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