Live Free


"'This is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.' You have to understand and appreciate that what lives inside of you, if you are a follower of Jesus, is Divine Life. It's what everyone always dreamed of, and more. You have to see who you are and understand who Christ is, and not hide the Light under a bushel basket because of unbelief.

"No matter what you see when you look in the mirror with your physical eyes, you must see what God sees with your spiritual eyes—and that's Treasure in an earthen vessel. Not to focus on yourself, but to understand that what is in you is real. The incomparable greatness of the Creator of the galaxies has made His home in you. You've got to see yourself as a servant and a vessel of Jesus of Nazareth and His Father by the Spirit.

"No one in the history mankind has ever had more than Jesus of Nazareth living inside them. Everything else is secondary and meaningless compared to that. And no one has ever had more of Jesus than you have, if you're walking in humility and obedience and faith before Him. You are limitless in your possibilities—you, personally—if you'll sanctify yourself and make yourself 'meet for the Master's use.' That's God's destiny and call on your life…You'll be amazed what God can do if you'll get out of the way!"

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Live Free


01. Vessel Of The Most High God


02. Our Living Jesus


03. Eyes That See Through The Lies


04. Wooed By His Spirit


05. Recapturing Our Love Affair With Jesus


06. Enfold You


07. Jettison The Obvious


08. All The Glory


09. Limitations, Ha!!


10. If You Believe


11. The Least Is Greater Than John


12. Together!! Forever!