A Light Has Dawned


God has always been a God of Opportunity, not a God of "sentencing." There's no one who has to fail! It's God's express desire that no one perish, but that everyone come to repentance. There's not a single person that God hasn't opened the door of opportunity to. He's granted you the ability to turn your face towards Him. No one is ever tempted beyond what he can bear; you are always given a way out. God has ordained it so.

"Everyone is without excuse," Paul said. The scriptures are clear that there's no one who has too big a mountain to climb, too big a struggle, to big a burden, too many obstacles, too many weaknesses. God's blown that away by His grace and made Provision in His Son, Jesus. There's no one who calls on the Name of the Lord who shall ever be put to shame! He prepares a table for you in the presence of your enemies. He makes a spread and throws a party, just to humiliate the enemy. And that's true for everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord, who truly turns his face towards Him, who humbles himself and bows his knee to the Lordship of Jesus.

There's no one who "can't make it." It's impossible—totally impossible. You weren't born onto this planet to fail. You were not brought onto this planet to live for yourself and to die in fear and poverty and to be destined for eternal hell…The love of the Father is so great, and the palm of His hand is so broad, that all the stars in the universe fit in it. You can't fall off of His palm, if you've put yourself in that palm of your own free will, if you've chosen to submit your hard heart and strong will and self life. If you've chosen to lose your life, you'll find it!
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A Light Has Dawned


01. God of Opportunity


02. Enfold You


03. Seek Honestly


04. Sin: the Fatal Disease


05. What is Hell?


06. He Will Run to You


07. Beyond Our Wildest Dreams


08. He Died for My Sin


09. Feeling the Need for Messiah


10. Take a Leap & Let Go


11. I Abdicate


12. A Promise


13. If You Believe


14. Search with All Your Heart


15. Where Time Doesn't Exist


16. A Wedding


17. Will You Follow Me?
Light Has Dawned CD